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Getty images is an American company that belongs to the genre of stock photography and is based in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest provider of visual content in the world, controlling more than 80 million still images and more than 50,000 hours of stock footage. The board of directors includes Mark Getty, Jonathan Klein (founder) and John Lapham. In 1995, the company got incorporated when founders Mark Getty, a descendant of Jean Paul Getty, the multi-billionaire business executive, and Jonathan Klein completed their first acquisition, purchasing Tony Stone Images, who were regarded as one of the world’s leading brand in contemporary Stock photography. Soon after a year of acquiring Tony Stone images, Getty acquired its next major collection by purchasing Hulton Archive, one of the world's largest privately owned collections of archival photography. Getty’s gallery content ranges from archival to contemporary material, grouped within branded collections that include: Hulton Getty, one of the two largest privately funded and owned collections of archival photography; Tony Stone Images, a contemporary stock photography provider; Allsport, a leading sports photography brand; PhotoDisc, a pioneer in royalty free stock photography and electronic delivery; Energy Film Library, a leading supplier of stock footage and Liaison Agency, specializing in news-oriented images. Getty marketed its visual content through a handful of websites and through catalogs, maintaining its connection with the customers through a worldwide network of agents and sales agents in multiple countries. Since its formation, Getty Images has pursued an aggressive program of acquisition and reached to such great heights. In 2009, Flickr partnered with Getty images where some selected users were able to submit their photographs for stock photography and was a great chance to showcase talent for new photographers but recently this partnership ended. Nevertheless, Getty images is also a good option for multinational companies and global advertising campaigns as they have websites in many different languages that will help you navigate it easily.

The Getty image also earned quite a reputation for aggressive copyright enforcement over the past several years but recently the company has said that they want to turn this around. Until now Getty images has been sending extortion letter to anyone who appears to be using illegal reproduction of their images through software or other mediums. It has told the targets of its ‘Demand letters’ that it will pursue an expensive lawsuit unless those who re-post the images agree to pay settlements that include penalties and licensing fees, sometimes amounting to hundreds or even several thousand dollars. Generally, it doesn’t intend to pursue its claims in court. Instead, it favors the so-called “settlement demand letters”, which bill the alleged user of an unlicensed Getty image for the use of the image, as well as a portion of the enforcement fees. But that won’t be a case any longer as it has affected their prestige, and they have changed their lawsuit program to remove penalty and fees.

Last year, Getty also made most of its images "free to embed”. It was an effort to combat online copyright infringement. It made over 35 million images available free for non-commercial online use via embedding with attribution and a link back to the Getty Images website.

What does Getty Image offer?

From contemporary creative pictures to news, sports, entertainment, and archival images, Getty Images offers products in the full range of traditional and digital media worldwide and recently its biggest breakthrough achievement was collaboration with Red ferns music library and expanded its music licensing platform to provide users with access to pre- licensed high quality tracks in all genre like pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop classical and list goes on. They are trying to reduce the cost of music licensing and making it available in a more simplified form to the advertisers and creatives. The library of music can be obtained through Getty Images Sound Express collection. Users who are licensing these tracks need not pay additional charges and are free to use the music on any project at no further obligation. You can search the music collection at and license the tracks instantly.

Getty images masters the competition as it takes care of royalty free Images, videos, illustrations and even original audio tracks covering all type of media we look for like celebrities, editorial, powerful stock images attempting to fulfill every client’s needs and that too with royalty free subscription.

Their illustrations are amazing with high-quality; artistic look, and it seems they could be used for book covers or other high-exposure mediums. The best quality that Getty images offers is how their images evoke some communication with every picture explaining something. Their collected works capture the world market with collections for every continent. In total, they offer 44 rights-managed collections and 26 royalty-free collections. They offer a Royalty Free Zone, RF stills, rights managed and exclusive images, videos, and clips, and adds on additional 10,000 images per week from around 2800 photographers and filmmakers. I like their filtration style which offers to select the most appropriate image according to our requirements, their filters options are based on people’s composition like headshot, close-ups, front look, looking at camera, image style (full coverage close up, portrait, cut out, etc.) , ethnicity , age , orientation and even photographer.

How does Getty image works?

Getty image website is very user-friendly and offers multilingual navigation, thus making it more popular globally. It supports searches by themes, keywords, image type, category, color, sizes, and collections. Even though it doesn’t really support exact color search but still gives relevant results if we use proper phrases and keywords. They give some amazing filtering features as well for even better results.

Getty offers both royalty free as well as rights managed images on both per image as well as subscription plan. One of their subscription plan called “Creative Express” gives access to members to download 50 images per day for $399 USD/ per month for file sizes of 1- 3mb and $499 USD /per month for 10- 16 Mb file sizes. It also gives a feature to calculate the image price as per the specific usage requirements like advertising (print, display, TV), retail product or packaging, digital media internal usage in organization or just for web and mobile display and further divides the filters and gives the most clear and best price with the required quality picture. For example if you choose the image usage as digital media it will give you more options to select  from like usage in email marketing, social media, commercial blog or even an iOS app thus giving you a blend of best price and quality as per your needs. The price of an image is calculated in your own currency type and also targeting the industry type. You can take a monthly, or yearly subscription depending on your need and have access to their gallery.

Their prices are competitive, they offer high-quality, expressive, royalty-free (RF) images from about $80-450 USD per image, and they also offer value-priced RF images as low as $54.99 USD. Rights-managed images are priced per use, and exclusive rights are available by contacting Getty customer care directly. They also provide something called Virtual CDs, which is a collection of royalty-free images based on a particular theme available for immediate download. Getty supports nearly every file type including, TIFF, JPG, EPS, CMYK, RGB (Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Elements, Flash, Shockwave), as well as Word and PDF. Their video and audio downloads are compatible with all latest media types.

Getty images collaborations and affiliations

Getty images have used some most innovation collaboration tools to empower the creative industry. It has recently started with its most unique Boards feature that sets a new standard of association in creative market. These Boards is available now on both and via the redesigned Getty Images iOS App as well. Developed with an extensive market research these Getty boards has replaced the Getty image lightbox functionality and offers a spontaneous experience that is both simple and fast. This tool helps the users to review images and videos from Getty images vast content library and share them with external clients with a shared link. Some key features of the board collaboration include saving and comparing some vast collection of images and videos according to your specific project or creative interests, without requiring users to sign in to You can invite your colleagues and clients to collaborate and comment on individual images or an entire Board, by simply sharing a link. It makes a visual evaluation easy and fast as the images are presented in a large dynamic format with multiple layouts and the best part that all updates made in the app or on are immediately available across all devices and platforms.

One of the latest collaboration that happened and was in the news was the Getty image and Instagram grant, a contest that is intended for photographers to use social media as a platform to showcase the undersold stories from across the globe and three of the photographers even won a prize money reward of USD $10000 each and they have also selected 5 photographers as a recognition to get personal mentoring session from a member of the Getty Instagram grant judging panel.

In coming months, Getty images is also collaborating with Pinterest to drive a more compelling and amazing visual world in a multiyear deal. It is going to be a ground-breaking collaboration in the creative industry as they it’s a joining of two most named media brands. The idea behind it can be explained with an example that let’s say you’re browsing Pinterest and see an image of Kim Kardashian wearing a nice dress or Beyoncé performing life or Ariana Grande’s hairstyle, but there is no information about who designed them or where you can get them! It may also be hard to find out that a fantastic Getty Images photographer shot the picture thus this partnership of Getty with Pinterest will offer a solution. Whenever a user pins a Getty image that's already out there on the web, the metadata that Getty has on file for that image — including the description, photographer and date taken — will appear alongside that photo on the user's pin board. Pinterest will pay Getty for all of the data they include alongside photos thus giving the users more details outlook of their favorite image.

Getty image also offers its own contributor community where they welcome photographers, videographers and music composer to showcase their talents with fresh ideas. They offer internship programs along with work projects that help an individual to license their content to the global client base.

Join the Getty Images’ official Twitter account, having over 130,000 other followers as Getty shares the most notable and awe-inspiring images of the year.

Follow the Getty Images’ official Facebook page, which is a great way to have breath-taking images in your newsfeed every day. They also showcase their latest coupons and promo on this page.

Their official YouTube channel is something to behold. The official Getty Images’ photographers make videos about how they work. If you’re an aspiring photographer, this is an inspiring channel.

Getty Images Coupon and discounts

Now with great Promo codes and coupons available at Gettyimage you can take advantage by getting a premium quality image at a valued price. They give more discounts on the basis of the packs you choose, for example, the larger the pack subscription, the more you’ll be entitled to save. Pricing is transparent and simple for them. All images within a Pack are the same prices and have the same royalty-free license. Discounts are applied automatically based on a number of images in a Pack.

You can follow Getty Images on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe to their newsletter for updates on deals and specials offering a Getty Images promo code. Getty image has a new deal every day so just bookmark this page and keep checking for all latest updates our team at Creativebin will get for you.

Getty images customer support

Getty image has their customer support offices in more than 115 countries in the customer service representative assist in many national languages. If you like an image or illustration, and you wants a price listing in your own currency, you can directly call your respective country customer care phone number and comfortably communicate in your own preferred language. They also have a live chat option for their customers.

You can contact customer care for any of their illustration, video or image query at:

Email:[email protected]
Toll-free number for the US: +1 888 888 5889
For Sales enquiry : +1 800 462 4379

Headquarters Mailing address
Getty Images, Seattle
605 5th Ave South, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone Number: +1 206 925 5000

Getty images New York Office
75 Varick Street
New York, NY 10013
Phone number: +1 646 613 4000

Getty images UK Office
101 Bayham Street
United Kingdom
Phone number: 0800 376 7977 / +44 (0)20 7428 6109