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Bamboo Fineline 2: FREE Shipping & FREE Bamboo Paper Fineline Pack07/08/2020
FREE Shipping On Orders Of $50 & Above07/07/2020

Turning your computer into a digital drawing canvas is now possible with Wacom. The drawing was never so easy and quick on your personal desktop or tablets without a mouse but with a digital pen it is a reality now with Wacom products range. Wacom Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company that distributes branded graphic tablets and various related products like integrated display devices. They also manufacture pen tablets used for graphic designing, interactive pen displays, animation and films production, picture editing and industrial designs. Their business runs in three segments that include branding, maintenance and components. It’s a leading manufacturer of digital graphic pen tablets having 95% of world market share. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With its EMR technology in all its products, it makes the digital design so simple and easy by offering high speed and precise digital handwriting and drawings. In addition to its branded and consumer products, it also facilitates digital user interface solutions by using natural interface technologies that are inspired by natural human abilities to create and freedom of expression. From graphic design to the media and entertainment sectors to product development, Wacom makes it easier for the work of workgroups and individuals with truly natural ways to work with the digital content. They also have an eStore that is the official Wacom manufacturer store, in which they offer all their products like the Intuos and Intuos Pro pen & touch displays, Cintiq displays, Cintiq Companion mobile tablets and stylus pens. In this store, they also sell a comprehensive selection of accessories and replacement parts for Wacom products with options of both new product and discounted models as well.

The Story

The story of Wacom started when it’s CEO Masahiko Yamada back in 1983 realized the importance of pen and paper for people as an expressive device to showcase their creativity and so the pen/tablet they came up with computer pens instead of keyboard or mouse that were not good enough for the creative people to express themselves fully. In 1984, they produced a cordless pen/ tablet with a battery powered pen but later this technology didn’t prove to be so strong and so in 1987 they came up with their patent EMR technology that gave battery-free pen and high-performance product performance. Their first customers were Quantel and Sheimaselki a textile design company to use their electromagnetic driven pen/tablet. In 1988, they took their project to a trade show in the US using pressure technology in combining pen and computer graphic applications. Their first application was used by pressure paint which became very popular among various software companies around the US. Their office is the US is in Vancouver, Washington and for Europe, Africa and the Middle East the regional office is in Germany.

Special features of Wacom

1.    Wacom tablets are well known for their use of a battery-free, patented cordless, and pressure sensitive stylus or digital pen.

2.    Their so-called “Penabled technology “provides graphical input for many tablet computers in very accessible and easy way for various creative artists.

3.    Anyone can create their portfolio online with their sense of creativity through Wacom’s Intuos, which includes pen and touch tablet technology offering free downloadable creative software and online training. It doesn’t limit a user to use this technology with or without a skill level. It’s just like a drawing with paper and pen but digitally.

4. Wacom graphic tablets have ubiquitous driver support, software integration, precision, and reliability. Their products have around 85% of the market share.

5. Wacom pens work on the patented electromagnetic resonance technology, so they don't require any wires or batteries to function, reducing weight and maintenance for a more natural pen feel.

6. Wacom also has two lines of tablets, Intuos and Intuos Pro. The Intuos has half the resolution of the flagship Intuos Pro line and this difference is pretty much noticeable, depending on the size of the screen.

7. Wacom’s Cintiq Companion 2 offers self-contained Windows computer with the full Wacom graphics tablet features already built in, which can also be used as a 'dumb' graphics tablet when connected to a Mac or PC.

8. To fulfil the needs of photographers Wacom has graphics tablets available in several models and sizes at a range of price points. While the pro may decide an Intuos Pro tablet is the way to go, at $300 or so for the medium size tablet. They also have standard Intuos line with several different options.

9. They offer a multipurpose tablet stylus pen that works on both iPad and Android tablet. It has a capacitive pen tip at one end for the on-screen input, and the other end has the ball-point ink pen for taking more those traditional paper-based notes.


Pricing, payment, Return, Cancellation at Wacom.com

Wacom accepts all types of credit cards but doesn’t entertain any debit card or gift cards. The payment options are through American Express, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. The payment through credit cards is billed upon shipment of order only. If the order processing is delayed, they even hold the credit card payment and only charge you, when the product is shipped from their store. They offer a 30 days return policy on product purchased at their stores. They make all refunds excluding the shipping fee. In the case of cancellation, Wacom doesn’t support if the product order has been submitted but still consider in some cases and try to refund the amount also.

Shipping Policy

Wacom offers free shipping on orders above $50. Their orders take around 1 to 4 days of processing before getting shipped. They do not offer international shipping but only do within the United States, which is a big drawback if the product is bought from their online store. They also do not offer shipping fee refunds in case the product is returned.

Social Links

Wacom allows all its customers to provide ratings and review for their products on various social media links. They encourage their users to post new ideas and thoughts as well by participating on Wacom website through their social login like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. and use the username and password directly from these social links, which saves time and makes it easy for users to connect. For posting any comments or just to get an update on their latest offers or on-going coupons you can follow their social links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wacom/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wacom

Get updates on nay job opening with Wacom at LinkedIn

For their Video tutorial on usage of their product follows their YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/Wacom

Customer Support

Wacom customer support Tea is available five days a week with a technical support team who offers full hardware and software information and resolve issues related to it. They also have a team of sales support where users can get answers to their billing, warranty, exchange or shipping issues. They have a separate team where customers can request for product repair and to report a defect. Their team can be contacted by Phone and also a customer can visit them at their office address.


Phone number:  1-855-MY-WACOM


Headquarter address
Wacom Technology Corporation
1311 SE Cardinal Court
Vancouver, WA 98683