View Price is an website with varied font options for all types of businesses. It is easy to navigate. Search down menus can filter for fonts based on different classifications like handwriting, San serif, cursive, calligraphy, foundry, colors, designers and even language. ‘Learn about’ section provides insight into font styles and mechanism used in making typeface makeups.

However, search cannot filter the list based on multiple criteria, such as sans serif faces beginning with particular alphabet or serif faces from a certain foundry or designer. The size of the font library is too large to look for specific fonts. The website lags each time you change search criteria or choose any other option.

Plans are not cheap but provides access to a bigger selection of fonts. Standard plan - $10 per month with 25,000 page views to $ 80 per month with 2 million page views. Advanced plans -  from $100 per month (2.5 million page views) to $500 per month (12.5 million page views). Their advance plan also offers the option of downloading fonts for use in design mock-ups.

View Price website offers tools that provide specific information which are easy to order from secure download links for fonts. WhatTheFont feature is very unique because of its ability to identify any font just through a scanned image. They provide a lot of options to search fonts through various filtrations like name, foundry, price, font style, formats and image identification as well.

The prices are low and allow access to view the order history and past purchases. However, their refund policy is not good, where it's not possible to get a refund except in rare cases, they may give a store credit.

Their checkout process is streamlined and leads directly to the download screen. There is an easy installation option with a setup kit for every font. Their customer service team assists in resolving issues and allows re-downloading. They encourage regular feedbacks and comments from their customers to make it easy for them also to trust their services. 

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View Price

99designs is one of the largest online graphic design marketplaces. The site works on crowdsourcing, saving your time and money to get a huge selection of designs to fulfil your needs. You have to present your vision to the top designers, and their process helps you to get a result. Even a non-graphic designer can easily explain the design brief with their simple online questionnaire for logo design, website design, etc.,

This contest based website is offering money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with all the designs samples. There are questions to help you determine what style you like, and then you can specify colours, describe your business and its audience, and list famous logos for reference. As you receive entries, you can rate each entry and give feedback. Based on your feedback you will get updated entries, and it gives you unlimited revision option.

You pay for fixed bid projects and if you were to hire a designer to work by the hour, it could cost more. you can get logos from their $99 pre-made logo and can let your readers vote for the designs. They also have mobile apps for Android and IOS, access your account on the go and share. offers a big selection of fabrics such as quilting, decorating, upholstery, crafts, knitting etc. online. There is free shipping available on any purchase above $35 for domestic customers. The website has a simple user interface with filtration options including fabrics usage, colour, brands and designers, themes, width, and even fibre content range.

They send a daily deal email alert that offers a different selection of fabrics, notions or patterns on sale each day. The prices are reasonable with an option of fabric swatches for consumers to have an experience before buying. They tell you how many yards they have remaining for each fabric and try to give a 37 inches yard for all fabrics.

Their quality of merchandising has good prices and great customer service. The orders arrive quickly with tracking, even during the Xmas shopping period. The fabrics have a high quality, at prices lower than local retailers. 

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace that helps businesses outsource or crowdsource logo, graphic, and web design from designers all around the world. You can post a project, requesting a logo design, and offering some amount of money for the designer who win the contest. It opens the project up to the world and invites thousands of designers, who then begin uploading design for their client to review.

It solves the traditional design industry problem that was slow, expensive, and risky. Design Crowd is faster, cheaper, and more creative and gives designers a chance to use their creativity. If they win the contest, they can earn the money offered by contest holder, and business owner gets a unique design.

However, pricing is the minimum amount for the contest which is much cheaper ($240 including service fees), but, on the other hand, the contest upgraded features are offered on a price budget of $400. Better designers would prefer high amount to participate in it. The website has coupons and discounts for people who sign up.

Wacom offers some technological products. Their product line includes Intuos - Draw, Art, Photo and Comic. They also have Intuos Pro, which is a bit more expensive and targets professional digital artists. They have a pre-installed software where a user can create his drawing and doesn’t need multi-touch and costs around USD $ 70 to USD $150 for smalland medium sizes.

Intuos photo comes sin one size only, which is 6 by 3.7-inch working space. Intuos 2015 looks beautiful with smaller, thinner and lighter body. The Wacom ranges are portable and can be carried to schools, home, offices or even on a holiday. The strokes are smooth and responsive.

The Wacom wireless accessory kit Is compatible with most of their devices such as Bamboo Capture, Bamboo Create, Intuos5, Intuos, Intuos Pro etc. The stylus pen is battery free and helps to draw thicker and thinner lines due to pressure sensitivity. The tablets connect to MAC, PC through a wireless cable and the Bamboo Paper App has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times on Apple's iPad. The customer service team is available 24 x 7 to assist with any product query or return and repairs. 

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