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GotPrint is an online printing store for small to medium sized businesses They promise to deliver high-quality, environmentally friendly products at cost-effective prices. Before the product is approved, their tutorials and information on their website to help customers finds the best package. The sample kit they provide is excellent with helpful reference material. Color management is not as extensive, but it's accurate enough for most projects. 

Their website is user-friendly, is simple to navigate and their straightforward designs give you the professional feel. Registration takes only a few minutes and you can search for the best designers free. They also have an advanced designer option.

Their businesses cards have very smooth finishing including UV spotting and foil stamping. The live chat feature is available and the wait time to connect with a representative is under a minute.

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Psprints is a customized online printing service and offers many beautiful templates that have most trendy and professional appearance. Their new site has an extensive toolset to design a brochure or a business card template and you can order it with ease. 

Their online pricing tool gives you pricing of every single product along with shipping charges. Some of the benefits on the website include a free library of design templates and free sample kits. Lead-time for each product is as fast as a day and there are various shipping options for the same day. They do not provide international shipping and only covers Puerto Rico and Hawaii.  

They give hardcopy proofs revisions of the artwork in additional charges, and when the order is approved then they create the design for production. There's an extensive Help Centre section where all your basic questions about the services offered by can be answered.

Uprinting is an online printing store assisting consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses with their print, design and mailing needs. They always promise to deliver high-quality, environmentally friendly products at cost-effective prices. The quality of their business cards/ brochures/ postcards is exceptional, and before the product is approved, they always have lots video tutorials and information on their website to help customers finds the best package that suits their needs. 

The sample kit they provide is excellent and is a helpful reference material. Colour management is not as extensive, but it's accurate enough to give a bright look to the product. They just came up with their brand-new website that has user-friendly interface and thus makes the website so simple to navigate and their straightforward designs give you the professional feel. It is so simple to register with uprinting as it just takes a few minutes and you can search for some free. Also, to a completely updated user interface their new website has lots of features that can give an advantage to the customers. For example, it has a much easy and fast ordering system that helps to choose a product orientation both vertically and horizontally before uploading your files also they give delivery time displayed on the order page of the product that helps a user to decide on the print options. They allow a user to upload their designs or create a design online using their online software tools or search from their gallery of 15 million stock photos and illustrators. The quality of the paper and material used is much better compared to other online business card printing services. Their businesses cards, for example, have very smooth finishing including UV spotting and foil stamping is superior to other business cards available on alternative websites. Each item printed in uprinting is sample pack looks professional, classy and beautiful. The customer service team at uprinting is friendly and knowledgeable. The live chat feature is available and the wait time to connect with a representative is under a minute. Additionally, they have blind shipping option also available and there mailing services makes it easy for small business owners to market their product by sending brochures in a very hassle free ad convenient way to all their client addresses.

Easy Canvas Prints is an online printing website for single canvas or a collage canvas wall prints. They have a full user interface, and anyone can quickly upload an image and get it converted into a beautiful canvas with all retouches and correction in minutes. Their idea gallery gives a full description of creations a person can do with their photographs.

The ordering process is simple, and every page layout talks about the best deal that can be given on the package a customer chooses. Easy Canvas Prints offers canvas prints in a variety of sizes and image ratios. When selecting the size of canvas you get an option to choose the thickness of the canvas wrap as well.

They ship their products with good packaging and the product reaches on time. Their Customer service team is available by live chat, email and phone to take care of any issues.

Canvas on Demand is online store of printed canvases. When a customer orders a canvas their support team sends an email with canvas size description and if the photo doesn’t fit the size of canvas with their quality standard, they recommend another option without any extra fee.

They also offer a Pro Account where as soon as you create an account you receive a free canvas. Another service feature they have is called a Canvasser where you upload a web quality image and within 24 hours Canvas on Demand will email the picture to you as a "simulated canvas" so that you can visualize what the art will look very real. 

They have a great range on the frame styles and photo effects. The finishing of Gallery wrapping is neat and tight. The wood frame is solid, and the canvas is secured to it with plenty of staples. They use top quality cotton canvas and archival inks.

Loralied Designs offer a big selection of fabric and embroideries online. From quilting, decorating, upholstery, crafts, rubber stamps with free shipping available on any purchase above $30 for domestic customers in the USA. They have designs for every occasion a theme like their cool cat embroidery with those kitty faces and nurse central fabric representing nurse community. 

They send daily deal email alert that offers a different selection of fabrics patterns or embroidery designs sale to all their subscribed customers. The website jas a simple user interface with some great filtration options. With reasonable prices, they also give demo sheets for their products so consumers can experience.

They have information about length remaining for each fabric though they try to give a generous cut of 37 inches for all fabrics. The orders arrive quickly, even during the holidays shopping season like Xmas shopping time.

York provides online digital photo printing services. They provide software called York Photo Show that can be downloaded for free to help you make minor edits and upload your photos that only runs on Windows and not on Macs or Linux. They have a limited number of photo gifts, unlike other digital online printing stores.

They do cover the essential items like playing cards, clothing, and accessories. Also, you can organize your photos, share them with other online users or publish them on social networking sites. They have great deals and offers for users to order gifts for every small or big occasion. Its services are less expensive than Shutterfly, Zenfolio etc., but cannot beat their quality.

The website has a feature to use both traditional and digital photos York Photo offers extremely affordable printing services with decent quality prints. The time it takes to get this photo gifts delivered is too moderate and can be a downside, but the quality that comes up make it worth the wait.


Tiny Prints provide a photo card service where you can create and customize cards and invitations. The website offers many templates that have a trendy appearance. They have an extensive toolset on the website to design a card and order it with ease.

They also offer a wide selection of envelopes and liners with nice trim for the sides. There are photo card sites with more designs, but none of them match the consistent quality of Tiny Prints. There are designs for Christmas, New Year cards, Easter, Chinese New Year, Diwali and even Halloween. 

Some cards can be personalized with a photo and can be accessed social networking sites. Also, the site makes suggestions for fonts and colors that fit with the overall style of the card. Their customer service tea is always available through live chat making it easy for users to get the best.


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Printful is a one stop white-label printing place which prints and sends your custom printed designs to your customers. Printful helps in creating the prints and delivering them to desired places. The USP of Printful is their integration with top ecommerce platforms.

Why Choose Printful?

With over $4.7M investment in printing equipment, 300+ team across the USA and Europe, 150K square feet of fulfillment space and 1.98M fulfilled orders to date Printful is most preferred place and printful not just prints and ships but there is team of 20+ developers who work on new technologies to cater online stores.

Printful is different

  • No outsourcing
  • No outsourcing
  • Easy integration
  • Three locations
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Custom Branding
  • No inventory, no monthly fees
What next? if you are a business looking to reach out to customers with your designs and prints. This is it, PRINTFUL is the choice.

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