Best Free E-Books On UX/UI Design Trends

August 1st, 2016

01. Minimalist UI Design Trends 2016

Minimalist UI Design Trends

Learn the hottest techniques in minimalist design. Understand how Apple, Pinterest, and Nordstrom all use minimalist design to make the right first impression on users. Tips and tricks for using typography, creative color, and maximizing your content with a minimalistic approach. Nearly 20 examples fully examined.

02. The 2016 Visual UI Design Trends Bundle

Visual UI Design Trends Bundle

120+ pages of advice for beautiful and usable UI design. Best practices for flat design, typography, and minimalism. 60+ examples from companies like Nike, Corona, and Squarespace.

03. The Future of Enterprise UX

The Future of Enterprise UX

Head of Design at Asana condenses 20 years of enterprise UX experience into 47 pages of best practices. Know techniques for designing enterprise UX for new user expectations. Topics include: designing usable and satisfying enterprise products, customizing end-user UX, enterprise user research, ROI of enterprise UX. In-depth case studies from Intuit and Asana.

04. Flat UI Design Trends 2016

Flat UI Design Trends

See the hottest and latest techniques in flat design with dozens of visual examples. Learn how big companies, such as Nike and Corona, are using flat design to attract their users. Get tips & techniques for using typography, color, videos, and effects in a flat design.

05. The Psychology of Web UI Design E-book Bundle

The Psychology of Web UI Design E-book Bundle

400+ pages of practical web UI design advice. No dry theory. 340+ examples from top companies like Mashable, Pandora, Asana, and others. Best practices for navigation, visual design, color theory, design psychology, UI patterns, and more.

06. The 2016 Web Design Trends Bundle

Web Design Trends Bundle

340 pages of best practices for web design and interaction design. 226 examples handpicked by our design team. Visual case studies featuring companies like Uber, Intercom, Slack, and others.

07. The State of Web Design: 2016 Edition

The State of Web Design

Know how to stay ahead as a web designer in 2016. 17 updated web design tactics explained concisely in 60 pages. Topics include modular UI design, Flexbox, mobile-first design, responsive images, interaction design, UI patterns, and more. 24 handpicked examples analyzed from Slack, Samsung, Ford, Under Armor, and others.

08. Interaction Design Trends 2015 & 2016

Interaction Design Trends

An actionable guide that explains the techniques behind interaction design trends. 36 examples deconstructed from Uber, Dropbox, Slack, and others. 20 interaction design resources hand picked by our design team. Topics include Invisible design, visual conversations, persuasive paths, meaningful delight, and more.

09. The Definitive 2016 UX Design Trends Bundle

UX Design Trends Bundle

350+ pages of combined advice for web, UX, and mobile design. 300+ examples of the best digital design curated by our UX team. Dozens of top companies analyzed like Slack, Waze, Spotify.

10. Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2015

Web Design Trends

Fast, practical, and packed with 40 tips. A practical reference guide for busy designers. See techniques spanning interaction design, visual design, and graphic design.

11. Mobile UI Design Book of Trends

Mobile UI Design Book of Trends

Useful trends deconstructed into tips for everyday design. 79 examples reflecting the best techniques for mobile UX. 61 of our designers' favorite resources curated. Dozens of visual case studies explaining the methods behind the eye candy. Best practices showed from companies like Slack, Nike, Google, Apple, Buzzfeed, Spotify, Waze, Tinder, and others.

12. Mobile UI Design Trends Present & Future

Mobile UI Design Trends Present & Future

Analysis of 24 hand-picked examples illustrating some of the best card-based mobile designs. Topics include: organizing cards in layouts, using cards for user behaviors, aesthetic and usability properties, and more. Pro-tips included for card design such as layering text, creating contrast, stacking cards, and more. Fast & practical format so you don't fall behind.

13. UX Design 2015 & 2016

UX Design

Know the latest UX techniques behind some of the most successful products & companies. 164 pages of tips, examples, and resources. See real-world application instead of just theory. Best practices taught by analyzing 71 examples from companies like Waze, Tinder, Nest, Lookout, Vine, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify.

14. Timeless Mobile Design Trends

Timeless Mobile Design Trends

15 hand-picked examples illustrating some of the best flat mobile designs available. Topics include flat design 2.0 techniques, flat responsive design, and the future of flat mobile design. Pro-tips included for pairing flat with minimalist design, using animations in flat design, and more. Fast & practical format so you don't fall behind.

15. Timeless UX Design Trends

Timeless UX Design Trends

Know how to design holistic UX for the web beyond just pages. See how 7 top companies like Vine & Volkswagen design websites as part of a multi-device experience. Practical advice & processes for designing websites from a fresh UX perspective. Topics include the death of traditional web design, designing services instead of pages, collaborating on web UX, and a new web UX process.

16. Free Ebook: Web Design Trends 2016

Free Ebook Web Design Trends

10 timeless trends completely explained with plenty of tips. 166 hand-picked examples showing the best techniques. 100 of our favorite design resources curated for you. Dozens of visual case studies revealing the methods behind the eye candy. Best practices showed from companies like Adidas, Intercom, Dropbox, Reebok, Apple, BMW, Spotify, Jawbone, Versace, Google, and many more.

17. Web UI Trends Present & Future

Web UI Trends Present & Future

Topics include designing with space, creating visual harmony, the evolution of minimalism, trends inspired by minimalism, and more. 28 captivating examples representing the best minimalist designs we've seen. Learn the difference between minimalism as an aesthetic and as a design philosophy. The quick & practical format that only tells you what you need to know for your own designs.

18. Mobile Book of Trends

Mobile Book of Trends

12 mobile trends you can't miss. a feast of 156 pages with dozens of carefully picked illustrations. bonus: 10 must-have metro apps for Windows Phone
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