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February 2nd, 2018

Tips to Start Your Own Lifestyle Blog

So, you’ve come up with an idea to create a lifestyle blog, but you cannot even imagine from which point you should start? To say the truth, you are not alone in this problem. A vast number of people who also decided to share their thoughts on the web probably faced the same challenge. No one of them knew what it meant to be a blogger. Anyway, we have a good piece of news for you. Nowadays it’s possible to create a blog under the direction of those people who have already overcome all of these steps. For this reason, we want you to get familiar with a few tips that will guide you through this process.

In a nutshell, building a lifestyle blog may seem to be tough on you. Yep, you will be absolutely right if you think that such work takes some doing. Just keep in mind that game is worth the candle and you will definitely achieve amazing results. In order to get some basic knowledge of lifestyle blogs, it would be nice to look through them. It won’t be a problem to find a wide range of them on the Internet. Without dispute, diverse posts, topics, and their representation will give you some motivation and inspiration. You will become aware of the main interests of readers and their expectations. Of course, you will understand what features and characteristics will allow your blog to stand out from the crowd.

There is no need to eat up the clock. We want you to get familiar with 5 main tips (read: the main steps) that will assist you in creating your marvelous lifestyle blog. So, let’s start from the very beginning…

Tip #1: Find Your Unique Niche

Find Your Unique Niche

It may sound pretty obvious but, first of all, you need to understand which topics you desire to write. The Internet is overloaded with diverse blogs but there is no need to be worried - it will always have enough space to present your brand new niche or provide readers with game-changing information on the existing one. If you don’t know on which specific topic you should focus, we have a few useful pieces of advice. Just think about your interests. Think about your passions. Think about your skills. Music, fashion, literature, photography, cooking - all of these topics are considered to be sought-after these days.

Actually, it would be great to create a unique niche out of the typical one. For example, if you adore reading books, you can easily focus on the specific literary genre like sci-fi or historical novels. If you’re in love with cooking, you can present your own recipes of desserts or twisted versions of classic dishes. If you stay tuned for everything that happens in the fashion world, you can write about various experiments regarding clothes and trend-embodiments in your style. There are plenty of thrilling and exciting themes on which you can write articles but don’t forget about the most crucial thing. You should present those topics in which you’re interested in. Your passion will be observable through your words. By the way, you can mix various themes but stick to the main one (this very topic that made people set their eyes on your blog).

Tip #2: Choose a Platform That You Want to Work With

Choose a Platform That You Want to Work With

You can find a lot of blogging platforms on the Internet. Some of them may seem confusing, some of them may seem extremely easy, some of them may seem just free. Generally speaking, it would be better to forget about a platform that you can use without any purchases. Here you can take a glance at reasons that will help you to make a decision:

  1. A great part of free blogging platforms doesn’t give the opportunity to post your own advertisement on your website. This means that you’re likely to lose some of its benefits like additional revenue.
  2. Furthermore, such platforms can demand to post their own advertisement on your blog. In our opinion, it sounds a little bit non-attractive and unpleasant.
  3. Users cannot create your unique URL and thus, you will be bound to a common one.
  4. Finally, in most cases, it will be impossible to get proper technical support. If something goes wrong with a blog, there will be no one to help you with your issues.

Without a doubt, it’s possible to search for a perfect blogging platform waking or sleeping. In order to save you some time, we would offer you to choose Wordpress. It’s considered to be one of the most flexible and easy platforms, especially it will suits the taste of amateur-bloggers. Why do we call Wordpress a perfect choice for your future lifestyle blog? Let’s find out some of its pros together.

First of all, in order to manage your blog, you will be required to install the software. It will allow you to take the full control of your website and customize its appearance. By means of the intuitive interface, you will get a wonderful chance to play around with your theme, work with plugins and so on and so forth. By the way, if you’re interested in getting a custom template that will help you to build your future lifestyle blog decidedly quickly, we would like to offer you to look through the following ready-made WordPress themes for lifestyle blogs from TemplateMonster Marketplace. TemplateMonster also provides many offers, deals and discounts on their themes which makes it easy for anyone to buy a theme and use it to start their blog. 

Identiz - Innovative Personal Blog Wordpress Design

Innovative Personal Blog Wordpress Design

Details | Demo

A game-changing template designed exactly for those who want to express their identity and lifestyle on the web. Together with such features as custom widgets, modules, and sliders that will assist you in presenting your content and making people fall in love with it.

Iggy - Wonderful Travel Blog Wordpress Theme

Iggy Wordpress Theme

Details | Demo

Without a doubt, each traveler who has already visited plenty of countries and their places of interest have diverse stories to tell about. By means of this marvelous theme that includes different visual tricks (like header and footer variations, sticky sidebars or sliders), you will be ready to present your traveling experience in an out-of-the-ordinary way.

BookWorm - Stunning Literature Blog Wordpress Template

BookWorm Wordpress Template

Details | Demo

A perfect solution for those who adore both reading and writing. This gorgeous theme will allow you to present yourself as the author on the web and tell people about your upcoming releases, recently published books and, of course, tastes in literature.

Narya - Delicious Cooking Blog Wordpress Theme

Narya WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

In order to present your recipes in the best possible light and let people cook extraordinary dishes without any hassle, you should certainly set your eyes on this incredible template. It comes together with a feature-rich recipe plugin, six homepage layouts and unlimited color options that will give you a chance to build a tailor-made blog.

Fusion - Modern Fashion Blog Wordpress Theme

Fusion Wordpress Theme

Details | Demo

Fusion is considered to be a great fit for those who are in love with fashion. With the help of this excellent template, its fully-fledged Wordpress Live Customizer, and stylish bonus images, you will be ready to create a fashionable website without any troubles.

Tip #3: Find a Perfect Name for Your Lifestyle Blog

Perfect Name for Your Lifestyle Blog

After finding a perfect match among themes, you should think over your unique domain name. Your future domain name will represent your identity on the web and for this reason, you should come up with an exciting one. Actually, there is a list of must-know things about choosing the future address of your lifestyle blog.

  1. People should remember your domain name. If you decide to create a short domain name, it will be extremely easy for your readers to keep it in their minds.
  2. Make certain that people won’t have problems with its spelling and pronunciation. Thanks to a simple and memorable website address, it will be easier for your core audience to find it.
  3. Try to invent such a domain name that will deliver the main concept of your lifestyle blog. Yet don’t throw the first tip out of your head while creating it.
  4. Just be creative. There is no need to copy somebody’s ideas in order to become well-known. Do it by yourself and you will definitely get something unusual and amazing.

Tip #4: Make a Tailor-Made Content and Start to Attract First Readers

Attract First Readers

Okay, let’s imagine that you’ve already created everything mentioned on the top. What points should you focus on now? Everything seems to be in the background (we mean, your design, domain name or niche) if you write about stuff that looks completely dull and uninspiring. People want to read about something interesting and noteworthy and we really believe that you can provide them with such kind of information. Even if you’re not the only person who writes about a particular topic, make an attempt to make it extraordinary. Present it by means of off-the-beaten-way strategies.

By the way, don’t forget about those who want to share your informative posts on their social networks. A lot of readers would like to have your articles on their Twitter or Facebook and for this reason, you need to provide them with diverse sharing buttons.

In addition to this, it’s impossible to not mention about search engine optimization. Your target audience won’t be able to find your blog if it’s not shown in search results. In this case, you may play around with titles of your articles and keywords in them that will lead the cherished readers to your blog. Probably, we have already mentioned this very thing about professional and high-quality content. This feature will also improve your SEO as you will get your loyal and regular readers. They will come back to your blog again and again in order to find more about your specific topics. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your readers. Reply to their comments and, without a doubt, they will be pleased to get in touch with their well-favored blogger.

Tip #5, or a Mixture of Tips in a Single One

Mixture of Tips

Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter what your reasons to create a lifestyle blog are. Perhaps, you just want to express emotions regarding your everyday life. Perhaps, you want to transform your blog into a small business on the web. Anyway, there are some universal tips for everyone to follow.

  1. It’s crucial about those things that you’re passionate about. Don’t even try to write about topics that make you feel bored in order to impress the Internet audience. People will definitely feel this love or disgust in your words.
  2. Make your own schedule. If you think that you need to write every single day, it’s completely not true. Create your posts two-three times a week and it will be really great.
  3. By the way, try to find the most astonishing photos ever. You can even take them by yourself.
  4. Believe us, your readers will be excited to view authentic photography.

Hopefully, this article was extremely helpful for you. We want blogging to turn out to be your brand new career. We want everyone to be obsessed with your articles and writing skills. For this reason, there is always a lot of room for improvement. Don’t be afraid to be creative and everything will go with a swing. We are pretty sure that we will hear a lot about your lifestyle blog very soon. For this reason, start working with its creating here and now. Good luck with your interest and their implementing in life. Thanks for reading!

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