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by Swathi Kirthyvasan   |  Feb 23, 2018    

G Suite Creative Market place - Top 5 Tools

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Currently, technology has become crucial for most aspects of running a business. This explains why the use of collaboration and productivity apps has continuously gained popularity in recent years. And it all boils down to how tech increases efficiency in operational processes.
For many enterprises, these developments make everything simple and easier to manage. Thanks to added flexibility and convenience at the workplace, common barriers facing businesses can be avoided. This is precisely where G Suite by Google comes into the picture. If you want to learn more about it, read along. 
Let’s get it started.

What’s G Suite?

G Suite is a collection of productivity and collaboration tools, software, and computing products by Google. It combines Google's favorite apps in an all in one cloud-based platform universally accessible by team members. Earlier launched as Google Apps for Work it includes tools that allow teams to connect, create, and access data. It also supports advanced security and admin controls for managing users and services. 
G Suite also provides digital interactive whiteboard and app development sites thereby allowing the business to tailor tools that can help improve their productivity. With it, entities can perform regular business tasks remotely and collaboratively, store resulting data securely in the cloud, share them while also regulating access.

Workers in different places can effectively communicate and participate in the same tasks in real time. Most of all, the Suite makes it easy to find any information through simple searches. You don’t have to scour through entire hierarchies to find a set of data or information you need at any particular time. G Suite is web-based but also works on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Who is this for?

G Suite avails fantastic solutions for wide-ranging enterprises and organizations. From startups to SME’s to retailers, manufacturers, professional service providers, healthcare establishments, governments, and tech companies among others. If you want to show what you offer professionally, drive business objectives through the real-time collaboration of dispersed teams and stakeholders, gain clear consumer insights, take a solid leadership role in a business, enjoy streamlined communication, and increase overall job satisfaction of employees, G Suite simplifies everything and can help you achieve more.

How does it work?

G Suite is a lot easier to work with thanks to an intuitive user interface. Getting started requires merely the basic administrator and company details. A single sign in gains access to the entire apps suite. You can then add users flawlessly in minutes allowing automatic information sharing and real-time collaboration on tasks. There is nothing particularly overbearing on the UI so you can execute various actions through simple click or drag and drop actions. Nearly everything is neatly arranged on the interface with no more than one or two pages down. The flow is good enough allowing fast and convenient decision making.


G Suite offers all the tools businesses can use to facilitate teamwork and drive productivity all in one package. The elements are categorized into four main areas as follows:

1. Connect Tools

  • Gmail: The suite allows the business to streamline professional communication between employees, clients, and partners with Gmail. You can establish connections through custom email domain (@yourcompany) which makes reaching out to others effortless regardless of physical limits. With Gmail, you can also keep everyone updated with real-time new message notifications, create mailing lists and archive the data for later reference. Because everything is cloud-based, users can access email from anywhere at any time. Above all, it’s secure, confidential and ad-free.

  • Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet: While Gmail is the highlight of the connect tools, you can also take things further with Hangouts chat for one on one inbox engagement or Hangouts Meet video call for face to face video conferencing. This provides for the sharing of ideas and collective solutions of problems via remote meetings. In a click, you can turn your meetings to a video conference prompting live exchanges in cases where you want the collaborative effort to be more intimate.

  • Calendar: The calendar helps schedule team meetings with automatic email invites. From shared Google Calendars, it's easy to see the availability of members hence set up direct group engagements.

  • Google+: Another excellent connection tool, Google+ serves as corporate socialization needs. It's a social network where open engagements between company employees and admins take place. It could be used to share valuable information or keep everyone updated on new developments.

2. Create Tools

Besides the communication, G Suite also provides several tools to allow the business to actualize their projects. Users can enjoy real-time collaboration in creating:

  • Docs: In the suite, you can easily create text documents and co-edit in real time with colleagues directly in your browser without any additional software. Several team members can work at the same time on the same document and witness edits as they are typed, comment, chat and ask questions on the developments despite any physical barriers. Changes are saved automatically and can be traced and undone at will because earlier versions are stored indefinitely. While using the various creative tools, you can import, export, and work with different file formats such as docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt or .html. Once on the platform, any file becomes automatically editable.  Interestingly, you can work online or offline across multiple devices and efficiently manage sharing controls on your documents and folders. And with third-party add-ons, you can enjoy more advanced formatting capabilities on your docs.

  • Sheets and Slides: Again, teams and stakeholders can collaborate in real time in creating professional digital spreadsheets, beautiful slide presentations. As in Docs, it possible to undertake team edits, track version history, save changes without much ado.

  • Forms: G suite also supports easy creation of surveys and forms through a real-time collaborative effort by stakeholders. 

  • Sites: The Sites tool allows users to effortlessly build and host realistic, adaptive, and engaging websites without involving any expert skills. It provides an ideal setup to hone creative skills of team members. Sites also make it simpler to showcase and access team creations via Drive folders, Docs or shared Calendars. Every website created is secured automatically without any professional input.

  • App Maker: This allows users to build custom business apps that can help solve internal problems and increase productivity. The App maker has all the resources required to create responsive apps in teams conveniently.

  • Keep: As the name suggests, Keep helps users to capture and organize ideas thereby enabling fast and hassle-free reference when the need arises. Ideally, it can be used to keep the team or organization’s viable concepts for easy brainstorming and access before making them a reality.

  • Jamboard: Jamboard is Google’s digital collaborative sketch board where users can sketch ideas individually or as a team. It allows the building of projects either from scratch or by adopting any of the pre-existing templates. When done, it provides a hassle-free way to present results to colleagues or clients.

3. Access Tools

When it comes to storage and access of files, G Suite works out everything via Drive and Cloud Search. These two features allow risk-free storage and prompt reach of data or information within the Suite. 

  • Drive: Drive is G Suite’s storage component that supports secure cloud storage and sharing of files. With it, you can instantly keep your data safe at one location while maintaining the ability to access them at will from a computer, Smartphone or tablet. From Drive, you can invite colleagues to take a look, download, and collaborate on files. You get all the storage space you need and have control on how or to who data can be shared depending set compliance requirements. As a tool, Drive uses Google AI to help users find what they need. Using features like Quick Access and ML-based search it recognizes collaborators and events consequently connecting them with valuable content that needs their attention. It further helps to arrange team files in shared space and keeps the updated versions for all to see. And what's more? You can enjoy added possibilities by using third-party apps to have things done explicitly from Drive.

  • Google Cloud Search: Cloud Search enables users to any information immediately whenever necessary. Whether looking for data from Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar or any other tools, this feature helps with relevant predictions right when you need them. Cloud Search is integrated with G Suite and is anchored on machine learning hence supports natural language understanding, instant query suggestions, and contextual outcomes among others. The speedy performance and reliability is indeed a catch of this feature. 

4. Control Tools

The control features form the core of G Suite and it allows efficient management of users, devices, and data securely and trouble-free. It avails the following;

  • Admin: The Admin tool offers the power of centralized administration from set up to the management of other components among other control capabilities. It makes it easy to regulate users, devices, and security settings of the whole G Suite platform for an organization. It makes the addition of team members, supervision of all devices using the suite, and configuration of security settings quite smooth and quick. In action, it involves integrated Cloud Identity features to oversee users and security elements such as two-step verification or keys to help protect the organization’s data. Devices or employees are kept on check remotely to ensure compliance to standards.

  • Vault: Vault is another impressive tool that allows users to archive, search, and export information on G Suite. From here one can archive recorded chats and emails and determine the duration of retentions. And with e-discovery, you can find any archived information. Vault also supports seamless exporting of emails and conversations.

  • Mobile: This provides for securing data with the management of mobile devices. It’s super simple to set up an admin framework for (Android, iOS, Windows) devices allowing the organization’s employees to enjoy G Suite services securely and in conformity with set standards. G Suite also gives reports on mobile usage and trends at any given time allowing admins to take appropriate actions as deemed necessary. So regardless of whether employees are using their gadgets or not, all the data can be secured and their actions kept under watch without any limitations on either party.

G Suite Advantages:

  • Great full collaboration facilitation
  • Excellent usability and centralization of communication
  • Allows integration with third-party apps
  • Top notch anti-spam and antiphishing engine
  • Cloud-based allowing convenient and unrestricted access
  • Supports multi-use cases with great deployment scope
  • Saves and backs up all the data instantly hence no risk of information loss
  • Maintenance free and does not require IT expertise to manage
  • Guarantees great cost-saving given the combined benefits of all the tools
  • Provides sufficient storage capacity
  • Has reliable 24/7 customer support
  • Offers excellent advanced admin and security controls
  • Offers versatile packages for all manner of users

G Suite Disadvantages:

  • G Suite has compatibility issues with Microsoft
  • Offers better value for team needs only

G Suite Pricing

G Suite is available under three main pricing plans. There is also 14-day free trial version

Basic Plan

It costs $5 per month and offers the following;
  • Business email addresses ([email protected])
  • Video and voice calls through Google Hangouts)
  • Secure instant messaging via Hangouts Chat
  • Shared online calendars
  • Online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
  • 30 GB of online storage for file syncing and sharing
  • Google sites that support building simple websites or intranets
  • Security and admin controls
  • 24/7  support via phone, email or chat

Business Plan

It’s available at $10 per month
It offers everything in the basic plan plus;
  • Unlimited file storage (or 1 TB for less than five users)
  • 'Low code' tools allowing you to develop custom apps for your business without any expert skill
  • Advanced search via Google’s Cloud Search Technology
  • Email archiving and message retention capability
  • Ability to specify the region of G Suite data storage
  • eDiscovery covering emails, chats, docs, and files
  • Audit and reporting insights for Drive content and sharing

Enterprise Plan

Available at $25 per month
Comes with all the features in basic and business plans plus;
  • Advanced admin and security controls/reporting
  • Data loss prevention for files and email
  • Integration with third-party archiving tools
  • S/MIME for Gmail (improved encryption for emails)
  • Additional reporting on email usage via BigQuery analytics tool

G suite for Non-profits: Non-profits can also enroll for the specific services offered by G Suite subject to verifying their eligibility and complete a standard online signup process.

G Suite for Education: Google also avails a tools suite tailor-made to spur educators and students in their learning and innovation quests. Relevant institutions can sign up to allow unlimited collaboration, scalability, and support in their educational objectives.

Why G Suite?

Did you just host your website and looking to send and receive emails from business mail? or you already have a web-mail which does not give you enough features and user experience to manage all business activity? Be it any of the above or more, G Suite is the one-stop solution. 

G Suite is a simple way to replace your convention webmail, hosting mailboxes which have all sort of dirty looking interfaces and unwanted and unsafe features. 

Go with G Suite for your business and grab the best of Google made for your needs.

G Suite Benefits

Besides just having a business email with Google there are a bunch of awesome features which you would fall in love and like to to have for your business. Some of them are

1. 24/7 Support: G Suite team works round the clock for any query of yours and for sure a quick solution.

2. Admin Access: You are the admin for the entire business and you can make others too, manage all users.

3. Storage: Get 30 GB cloud storage per user and get unlimited for a very economic price

4. Easy Migrate: Shift from your existing solution to G Suite with ease in simple steps


Overall, G Suite’s set of productivity and collaboration tools includes almost everything a business needs to enhance operational efficiency. It's intuitive, easy to use, and secure making it a real contender for anyone considering a valued suite for their organization. Whether you are a startup or large established enterprise, the possibilities in as far as facilitating teamwork, communication, organization, and secure data storage are concerned reason enough to try any of available editions. Of course, it's not a one cut fit for all but offers some great tools for most businesses.



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