Top Books For Design Patterns

September 2nd, 2016

01. Web UI Design Patterns 2016


Volume 1: User Input, Controls, Navigation

In this book, there are 38 of the most useful web UI patterns thoroughly deconstructed into tips and use cases. With 142 examples from top companies like Apple, Pandora, Treehouse, Mashable, Quora, Youtube, Asana, OKCupid, and more and 144 pages of best practices in problem/solution format. They have tips for every pattern; categories include UI pattern frameworks, user input, user controls, navigation patterns.

02.Tactical UI Design Patterns


This is easy to digest and practical for everyday design. You get the know how to choose the best UI pattern, prototype patterns, customize patterns, and create your own pattern library. There are 100+ web UI pattern examples from Abercrombie & Fitch, Adobe, AIGA, ESPN, Full Sail University,, IMDb, Microsoft Developer Network, the Atlantic, Discovery Channel, and more. This book was written by a designer/developer with almost 20 years of experience.

03. Designing Better UX With UI Patterns


You can learn how to categorize and classify all UI patterns for smarter UX decisions and Get an easy and quick 4-step approach for finding the right pattern for your site or app. You can see some of our favorite resources for finding the most inspiring UI patterns available. UI pattern examples included from Dribbble, Jawbone, Duolingo, Dropbox, MailChimp, Medium, and more.

04. Interaction Design & Complex Animations


This book contains the best techniques for interaction design & animations with 47 examples from AirBnB, Dribbble, Disney, and others. 80+ pages analyzing and showing best practices for each technique. You can see how to distract users, layer effects, clearly communicate function, reveal information smoothly, the transition between states, and tell interactive stories. Also, straightforward format illustrates every concept with plenty of digestible examples.

05. The Critical Components of Web UI Style Guides


See how mood boards, style tiles, brand style guides, and front-end style guides help refine your UI design. You can learn from the best with examples analyzed from 22 companies like Yelp, Starbucks, MailChimp, and Facebook. You can discover the most important components to include in style guides, and how they help you design smarter.

06. Web UI Design Patterns 2016

Web UI Design Patterns

This book can help you learn proven design solutions from the best companies out there today. It contains carefully selected 63 web UI design patterns including thorough yet concise: user problems followed by the design solution and illustrated examples.

07. Mobile UI Design Patterns

Mobile UI Design Patterns

You can look up design solutions proven by the best, carefully picked 46 mobile UI design patterns, over 100 pages concise and pragmatic: illustrated example, user problem, and design solution.

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