Handpicked Collection of Books about Design Process

September 1st, 2016

01. The UX Design Process E-book Bundle


This book is written by designers with 20+ years experience and contains 300+ pages of advice for the entire product design process including best practices for user research, prototyping, usability testing, and iteration.

02. The Practical Handbook to Rapid Lo-Fi Prototyping

The Practical Handbook to Rapid Lo-Fi Prototyping


Contents of this book are easy to digest and immediately actionable. You can understand the pros and cons of the most popular offline and digital rapid prototyping methods, Prototype efficiently with how-to lessons on user flows and rapid prototyping. Also, it’s written from a practitioner's standpoint for everyday design.

03. UX Design Process Best Practices

UX Design Process Best Practices


Forget deliverables: know only the most useful UX processes & documents. Know documentation best practices for requirements gathering, user research, UI design, usability testing, and design sprints. Written based on our own experience in planning, designing, and testing UXPin in the past few years.

04. The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy

The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy


See how to design visually intuitive interfaces for the web. Learn how size, colors, space, layout, and style affect visual understanding. Get quick tips for designing clear visual hierarchies. 18 examples of the best sites analyzed from companies like MailChimp & RelateIQ.

05. Getting Started With UX Design Process & Documentation

UX Design Process & Documentation


Perfect for beginners: this guide describes the most helpful UX documents for any design project. Advice from UX consultant & UX professor Guiseppe Getto based on personal experience. Know only the most important documentation all employers expect you to create. Straightforward, hands-on format designed for the practical designer. See the whole UX process at work: user research, information architecture, prototyping, interaction design, visual design, and usability testing.

06. Boxes to Interactions: The Complete Wireframing Process

The Complete Wireframing Process


Design professor Tom Green teaches how to turn simple boxes into a lo-fi prototype. Know the purpose of content, lo-fi, and interactive wireframes. Fast yet practical read based on years of design experience.

07. Content Wireframing for Responsive Design

Content Wireframing


Lessons help you turn rough content into a responsive layout. Get a 3-step process for more responsive wireframes. See how to audit the content, create visual hierarchy, and start wireframing. Know the different tools, methods, and processes for wireframing.

08. 10 Pro Tips for Smarter UX Design Process

10 Pro Tips for Smarter UX Design Process


Real-world design advice from practicing UX designer Jessica Lowry. The pragmatic format makes complex topics easy to understand. Topics include user research, prototyping, design collaboration, and more. Plenty of visual examples to illustrate each point.

09. Web UI Design for the Human Eye

Web UI Design for the Human Eye


Topics include practical use of Gestalt, applying similarity & contrast, creating relationships with space, emotions of color, and more. Visual case studies from 33 companies including Tumblr, Etsy, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Intercom, and Bose. Highly visual, straightforward writing style.

10. Consistency in UI Design

Consistency in UI Design


A practical explanation of how to apply different types of consistency. See how tasteful inconsistency refreshes your design. Visual case studies from companies including Amazon, Dolce & Gabbana, Adobe, Xfinity, Reddit, US Airways, Jawbone, and more. Written in a straightforward, actionable format.

11. Web UI Design Process

Web UI Design Process


Understand the different purposes of mockups versus wireframes and prototypes. See different ways of incorporating mockups into the design process. Learn about effective design processes that stray from the traditional path of wireframing, mockups, and prototypes.

12. Interaction Design Best Practices

Interaction Design Best Practices


7 chapters explaining the practical use of affordances, white space, size/distance, visual consistency, cognitive load, and more. Visual case studies from 30+ companies including Apple, Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Etsy, Virgin America, Dribbble, Hootsuite, and Behance. Practical approach that teaches complex theories through examples.

13. The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping

The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping


Learn how and when to use prototyping tools, paper prototypes, and other popular methods. See how to create prototypes from Photoshop and Sketch files. Learn prototyping best practices from companies like Zurb, Google Ventures, IDEO, Apple, and more.

14. The Guide to Mockups

The Guide to Mockups


Inside look at the anatomy of mockup design: navigation, menus, UI patterns, and more. Best practices for designing mockups in Photoshop & Sketch. Explanation of how to use UI mockups of all types and fidelities. 7 chapters of example-driven design advice.

15. The Guide to Usability Testing

The Guide to Usability Testing


Tips and analysis of over 30 different usability testing methods. Advice referenced by usability testing experts. Best practices from companies like Apple, Buffer, DirecTV, Yahoo, Microsoft, and more.

16. Web UI Design Best Practices

Web UI Design Best Practices


An in-depth explanation of techniques spanning visual design, interface design, and UX design. Visuals and analysis of UI design from 33 companies including LivingSocial, Spotify, Apple, Skullcandy, and more. Discussion of how to incorporate UI elements such as color, navigation, typography, hierarchy, patterns, and more. Easy-to-read, practical approach that teaches by example

17. User Testing and Design

User Testing and Design


High-level analysis of business needs to inform product testing and design decisions. 5 unique user tests, their results, and actionable analyses. high-fidelity interactive prototypes and low-fidelity wireframes of Yelp's redesigns. BONUS: discount on all three services to follow our same UX process

18. The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation

UX Design Process & Documentation


This book contains experts' take on the strengths, weaknesses, and ways to think about each design stage and related deliverables. There are real-life examples of 25+ documents across 7 product stages which give advice on utilizing deliverables in lean and agile environments in large and small companies.

19. The Guide to Wireframing

The Guide to Wireframing


know who uses wireframes, what’s their purpose and how you can use them. comparison of digital and analog tools for wireframing. trending UI design patterns explained. look no further for pattern and template libraries, it’s all in this book. wireframing principles brought to you by wireframing practitioners

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