Best AMP Plugins To Speed your WordPress Website

September 1st, 2020

Nowadays, a lot of people are running online businesses by creating their website on WordPress. However, there are certain things you need to address like a slow website, quality of a website, features that help you to improve your website performance, and many more. All these facts are essential if you are also planning to build or run your website, which can be easy for customers to roll on. 


It matters the most to run a website, and they are features, pricing, extensions, and themes. So, it would help if you always looked for these to improve the quality of your website. To get all the features, you should look for some profitable brands or platforms to cover all these features. Then, do not get demented because we have listed the top-10 websites with AMP plugins to speed your WordPress website.

AMP for WP

AMP for WP offers the best AMP plugins to improve the performance of your website. It has many features to offer such as Improved CSS Optimization, AMP Infinite Scroll Support, OneSignal Push Notifications, RTL Support, MGID Ads Support, Google Tag Manager Support, and many more.


All these features are incredible to enhance productivity and save a lot of time. It comes with multiple solutions that can make you improve your website performance in the best possible way. It has several ways to speed your website.

Moreover, it has five different types of plans: personal, multiple, webmasters, freelancers, and agency. All these plans are affordable, and you can select as per your requirement.

Semper Plugins

Semper Plugins offers user-friendly, simple, and potent plugins to improve your website. It has the best SEO plugins like On-Page SEO optimization, Webmaster Tools, Google AMP, Social Media Integration, Schema Support, and many more.

It gives the best SEO plugins to increase the ranking of your website. It is a place where you get SEO plugins in one place. It is the most reliable place to grow your business with the help of plugins and tools. 

When it comes to price, this brand offers multiple packages like Individuals, Business, and Agency. So, pick your pack according to your requirement.


Yoast is a great brand that allows people to be ranked in a search engine. It has awesome plugins, blogs, and online courses that help small businesses and large companies to get more traffic. 


It gives excellent knowledge and keywords for your website and the users. It offers excellent plugins that can give you suggestions and content quality for your website.  

To get all these features, all you need to do is select the pack as per your demand. It has multiple plans available, and all plans are very affordable.     

Better Studio

Better Studio has many plugins to offer, such as Better Ads Manager, Better Social Counter, Newsletter pack, Smart List Pack, etc. In all plugins, you get multiple features, which is very convenient to increase website performance. In Better Ads Manager, you have numerous features.


It has various WordPress themes to offer, which you can use on your website as those themes also play a major role in producing traffic. By using themes, it shows the outstanding presentation of a website that improves traffic to your site. 

To get these generous features, you need to go into the price plans and select your website's plan. Moreover, its plans are available at an affordable price.  

WP Quads

WP Quads offers one of the best AdSense Plugins for WordPress. It has various features such as Unlimited Ads for your website, select ads as per the devices, Automatic Ad detection, visibility condition, Google Auto Ads, and many more. 


All these features are much needed if you want to develop your website ranking. Not only ranking, but these features can help you to enhance your website and can save you time.

Its plans are quite reasonable. So, you do not have to reward a single penny extra. Moreover, it has four different types of plans, like Ultimate, Pro, Business, and Personal.

Weeblr Press

Weeblr Press offers the best AMP for WordPress. Its plugins are very quite relevant to improve the quality of your website. It provides multiple features like automatic conversion, WooCommerce Support, Easy and Flexible Ads, etc. 


With the use of Weeblr Press, you can easily insert ads wherever you want. It does not cause you any money, which means there is no risk of using it. Its features are very beneficial to get good traffic on your website. Moreover, it has two different types of plans available. So, as per your requirement, you can subscribe to the plan.


Templatic offers 50+ WordPress plugins and 100+ premium WordPress themes, which can help you to improve your website. Its plugins are quite helpful in adding more functionality to your website without doing something out of the box. 


Its plugins empower the add-ons range to boost your online sales in a brief period. With the help of a directory theme, this brand helps you create a more profitable, advanced, and powerful website. It has several features to offer. It has two types of installation services available, like Basic and Pro, available at a low price.

Schema App

Schema App is one of the best places for structured data. It brings you multiple solutions that work on your website, content, without using a single IT developer code. 


It is very advantageous to drive business results, reduce spend on advertising, correlate results, improve productivity, chatbots, and AI, and many more. It has a variety of professional services.

It has four types of markup tools like Pro, Pro Multi-Site, Premium, and Enterprise. All these tools are handy to improve the performance of your website without spending too much money. So, select your plan and start using it. 

Envato Market

Envato Market has a lot of code scripts and WordPress plugins to offer. It has more than 2,200 plugins, which are developed by independent developers. Its plugins are available at a very affordable range. So, as per your requirement of the website, you can select the plugin to improve your website's quality for specific work like writing content, video creation, an audio file, etc.

Not every platform offers you all these plugins in one place. However, here you can get all these essential features, which can make your website more attractive and generate good traffic. Moreover, its plugins are very affordable.


WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress platform where you can build an eCommerce website as you want. It empowers both small and large businesses to develop their own business most efficiently.


It is one of the places where you can sell anything and anywhere. It offers one of the best and flexible payment options to customers, which means there is no risk using it. You can have a look at the features.

To build or improve website performance, you should always pick WooCommerce. Moreover, it comes with shipping and support policies. 


All these top-10 AMP Plugins are very useful for improving the performance or speeding up your website in an effortless way. They further facilitate the smooth AMP configuration and easy installation.

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