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$0.31 Only
Get Jelly Beans Starting from $0.31 07/05/2020
$0.18 Only
Get Chocolate Coins Starting from $0.1807/04/2020
$13.50 Only
Get Candy Machines Starting From $13.5007/03/2020
Get Free Shipping At Wearelogos07/02/2020

Wearelogos is a marketplace or an ecommerce site that is purely dedicated to the promotional item industry situated in the capital city of U.S Washington DC. They mainly focus on two markets. The first which it target is who are in need to promote their items by their logos. They have presently more than 750,000 items in their marketplace where you can buy and customize it by it yourself according to your needs.

Their average order is around 2000 US Dollar. There are no extra hidden charges applied to the item, that means the price that is displaying on the item, is the final price. They provide excellent customer price, and as compared to the other websites they are providing the most affordable prices as well.

You can easily purchase on this site without taking any tension, and it is very secure because this site is verified by major companies that take very high priority regarding security which includes MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa, TRUSTe certified privacy, authorize.net, Accredited Business, Consumer Information Code, and Norton VeriSign Trusted.

Wearelogos is very helpful for event planners because they provide all items at one place that can be used for the promotional activities.It gives you very simple way to promote your company by printing your stuff at their items stuff include any including for example if you’re running some shoes company or garment company then your sportswear logo or footwear logo or your garments logo can be print on their item. You can print your logos or name almost on everything whether it is sweets, electronic items or glass items. If you are planning to surprise anyone of your loved ones, then you can simply give them items by their print names or pictures on them. Here is some list of items that you can choose from their site

•    Awards

•    Calendars and papers

•    Candy and chocolate

•    Corporate gifts

•    Desktop and office items

•    Flashlights and gloves

•    Glasses, mugs and business cardholders

•    Sports Items

•    Health and wellness products

•    Umbrellas

•    Water bottles

•    Pen and pencils

•    Travel items and gift baskets

The kids will be very happy if their pictures will be at their water bottles, lunch box or in a school bag and your children will never say no to go school.

If you have your form or run a small business, and don’t have an idea on how to promote your business or don’t have too much capital to invest in promotions, then wearelogos would be the most feasible and best option to choose. You can simply print your logos related to your business on any office items like pen, pencil, diary, board, paperweight or furniture.

The best part of wearelogos is that if you care about nature and the environment they give you eco-friendly items which include biodegradable, recycled, organic and sustainable.

Affiliate Program

If you are running some website and, want to earn by promoting their products you can simply join their affiliate programs. If you joined their affiliate program, there is no validity for membership it is for a lifetime. If any of the items gets sold through your affiliate website, then you are eligible to get a pretty good commission of around 8 percent commission on any product but for the commission you have to reach to their minimum balance that 25 US Dollar and they give their commissions on 15th of the month. The network that they are using for the affiliate is sharesale, which is one of the best networks for affiliation.

Wearelogos are providing 24 by 7 tracking system by which you can check your sale or commissions on sharesale.

They are also giving banners that you can simply use on your sites by this your site also get promoted, and they have many types of banners which you can choose according to your need or your site related to and they constantly updating their banners and creating new ones that give you more variety. If you're worried about what happens when the items on the website get updated or changed, then what happens to your site that lists the same item, then don't worry so much since they use datafeed, which makes sure that your website will always receive the details about the updated items only, and it automatically gets updated whenever an item is updated on the original website.

They are providing monthly newsletter by this you can subscribe to their site, and they will always update you for the new items or some new affiliation scheme by which you can earn more and more and get always updated.

The affiliated member is very valuable for them apart from sell they always conduct some contest and give choices to the members that what kind of item you want from their site and if you win the contest then that item will be yours.

Wearelogos also do social work, they give some amount to the social activities also, the purchase that was made from your site. From each of those purchases, they give 10 percent to charity. By using their products, many big companies are promoting by their items.

The purchase you will make to their site and giving your credit card details are fully secure because they are using SSL (Secure socket layer) certificate it means the URL is starting with https://, it means the information you are giving on wearelogos are safe, and nobody can steal your card details and personal information, this gives very much faith to the consumers to the wearelogos.

Special Features

If you didn’t like their designs and wanted some personal design should be there on the item they are giving this facility, but you have to follow some guidelines to upload your designs that are the design should be 300DPI and the format should be Adobe Illustrator, vector format, Jpeg or pdf, by providing these things it will be very helpful to wearelogos to wear your stuff actually what you want.

Wearelogos also provide some real time offers by which you can purchase their items at a low cost for they provide some promo codes, and their names are the Rush promo that has validity for 24 hours only, and another one is Sale promo that is valid till the stock last.


When some new items were launched for promoting those items they are giving some good deals for this you have to visit regularly their site.

They are providing under 1 dollar deals, which means all items are not exceeding than one dollar, but this deal also closes very fast because if you were late by visiting the site all products will be sold out.

If they want to add new items and want to clear old items they give clearance sale, or you can say closeout sale by this sale you can buy items with an attractive price and with heavy discounts.

Contact and Social Links

You can check the social links of wearelogos for their latest offers, sale, and deals. You can always get updated about new items or any news by following their social links.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wearelogos

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearelogos

If you want to provide some suggestions or comments, you can mail them to this email address - [email protected]


Bob Debbas

4201 Cathedral Av.

Northwest Washington DC