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RocketTheme is an online marketplace which provides you themes, extensions and templates for all kinds of platforms like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, and phpBB. The founder and the CEO of RocketTheme are Andy Miller, and he was also the Joomla, core developer. RocketTheme comes from the United States of America and is the longest running Joomla template provider, producing themes and extensions for over eight years.

Theme Features

By their RocketTheme Joomla Template Club, RocketTheme WordPress Theme Club, phpBB styles and Magento Themes Club has featured exclusive access to beautifully designed Joomla templates to give your Joomla site a stunning and unique look with incredible functionality. 

In their themes, they utilize incredible optimization features and take advantage of the latest technologies to help make your website and content fast and their main focus on building Joomla templates.

Their themes are built on latest technology, and they all are good in responsive and search engine optimized.

Joomla Templates

RocketTheme has a huge list of Joomla templates, and they are also providing Joomla extensions for their templates. Their popular Joomla templates are

Anacron, this template is very good for the community to business types, it has subtle visual elements in the section design, and you can add character and division to the page. Voxel, this template is very suited for magazine type's website. Its engaging style provides a rich backdrop. In this template blocks are dynamically created in the grid system. It has twelve presets which are fully customizable with the comprehensive color chooser system. There are two versions of Voxel in their responsive part which is 960px fixed version, with a separate mobile version and the second is 1200 fixed layout version.

Clarion, this template is perfect for the business use; it has the very flexible design. Acacia, this template has a beautifully constructed style with a sectional design. Cerulean, this template has a three-dimensional design, with bold shadows around the wrapper, and forward directional right angled graphics. Epsilon, this template is a modern, sectioned based design, with a diverse infusion of background textures and patterns. Hadron, this template has a contemporary and flat design and has a good animation effect. Lumiere, this template offers a series of vibrant and professional video backgrounds, from, to enrich the template design with color and motion. Leviathan, this template is a visually enriched design with contrasts, tones, and stunning graphics. The sidebar adds focus and boldness that complements the main body to great effect. Lexicon, this template has a centered around a flat design approach, spruced by professional and engaging color schemes to create the presence of site content without distracting from it. Oculus, this template has a semi-transparent focused design, allowing rich and subtle full page backgrounds to filter through, to stunning effect.

Paradigm, this template has a rich infusion of elegant, transparent visuals with a contemporary design frame, to create a subtle but invigorating site experience. Fracture, this template is a great example of minimalism of design, with a single white or black background that covers the layout, making the content the primary focus. Kirigami, this template has a responsive grid system is designed for desktops, tablets and mobiles, each with minor modifications to ensure compatibility in each and they used Twitter Bootstrap framework in this template.

Ximenia, this template is good for corporate website and has an elegant and subtle design, with soft tones and shapes to bring focus to your content. Afterburner is a free Joomla template and has been optimized to perfection, holding performance and speed at its heart, without compromising on much-needed features. Modulus, this template has a features ease of stylistic choice at its core, with the color chooser. Grunge is a free Joomla template to take advantage of the Gantry Framework. Alerion, this template has parallax effect which gives the 3D view. Affinity is a social design template, with integrated stylistic support for a series of third party extensions. Akiraka, this template has an administrator parameter addition that allows you to change the entire style of your site within seconds. It has a beautiful login popup.

Some other popular Joomla templates are Alerion, Acacia, Chapelco, Camber, Corvus, Crystalline, Cerulean, Catalyst, Chromatophore, Diametric, Dominion, Enigma, Entropy, Fresco, Graffito, Hexeris, Halcyon, Hivemind, Hybrid, Hyperion, Ionosphere, Infuse, Iridium, etc. In many Joomla templates, they provide an extra addon of fusion mega menu.

They are providing extensions for Joomla templates and have a huge collection of extensions some popular extensions are Rok Booster, Rok Box, Rockmini Events.

WordPress Themes

RocketTheme also has a huge list of WordPress themes; some popular WordPress themes are Antares, Xenon, Isotope, Kraken, Requiem, Salient, etc. They are providing some free WordPress themes. They are also giving plugins such as BuddyPress, rock gallery and much more for their WordPress themes. You can also filter their WordPress themes by free or paid, and you can filter their list by frameworks like Gantry 4, gantry 5, WordPress 3.2+, WordPress 4.0+, etc.

Magento Themes

They are also providing Magento themes; they have a huge collection of Magento themes designed to impress your visitors and showcase your products. You can filter their list by selecting Magento 1.6, Magento 1.8, Magento 1.9 and by free or paid. They are providing extensions for their Magento themes.

PHPBB Styles

RocketThemes also provide phpBB styles which can be easily fit as part of a larger fully featured website and can easily work with their Joomla templates, Magento themes and WordPress themes.

Every theme has a demo feature so by this you can check the functionality of the website and then you can make your choice whether to buy or not.

Pricing Plans

Their premium Joomla templates, WordPress themes and phpBB styles price starts at 34 dollars and for Magento themes price starts with 55 dollars.

They have the different pricing plan for their themes and templates.

Joomla Template Price Plan

They are providing four plans for Joomla template which are Joomla basic which starts at 59 dollars, and you will get three months membership and one site license. In Joomla standard which starts at 79 dollars and you will get six months membership and two sites licenses. In Joomla plus, you have to pay 99 dollars, and you will get 12 months membership and three site licenses. In Joomla developer, you have to pay 349 dollars, and you will get 12 months membership and unlimited site licenses. You can also buy their Joomla Extensions club, which starts at 19 dollars and gets six months subscription.

WordPress Theme Price Plan

RocketTheme provides four plans for WordPress theme which are WordPress basic which starts at 59 dollars, and you will get three months membership and one site license. In WordPress standard which starts at 79 dollars and you will get six months membership and two sites licenses. In WordPress plus, you have to pay 99 dollars, and you will get 12 months membership and three site licenses. In WordPress developer, you have to pay 349 dollars, and you will get 12 months membership and unlimited site licenses.

They are not providing any price plan for Magento themes and phpBB styles.

Affiliate Program

RocketTheme also has an affiliate program which is free to join and their program is hosted by ShareSale. If the sale is made through your website, you will get up to 30% commission. You can earn 15% commission on sales up to 150 dollars per month, earn 20% commission on sales from 151 dollars to 1500 dollars per month, earn 25% commission on sales from 1501 dollars to 5000 dollars per month, and earn 30% commission on sales above 5001 dollars per month.

Support Forum

If you have any query related to their templates or themes, you can discuss them at their forum. But for joining their forum, you have to become a member.

You can buy their premium support, in which your query will be solved within 2 hours. The pricing for one incident is 79 dollars and for 3 incidents is 229 dollars.

They provide proper documentation for their RocketTheme clubs, templates, themes, extensions and also general information about how RocketTheme works. 


For query related to their themes or plans you have to discuss at their forum or on their premium support apart from another general query you can fill their contact form.

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