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iThemes Media is one of the most popular marketplaces in the development of high-quality premium WordPress themes. They create some amazing quality Word press themes for small business websites and are not just restricted to blog sites. Their headquarters office is based in Oklahoma City and its founder Cory Miller, who was a former newspaper journalist started ithemes in 2008 by developing web design software and giving web design training globally. Its 7th fastest growing company in Oklahoma City in 2011. Currently, the company employs 20 people around the world.

The Story

iThemes was born from the passion of being an entrepreneur and a dream work of its founder Cory Miller. In 2008, he founded iThemes along with his wife at home, thus fulfilling a lifelong dream of running his company.  Currently, iThemes has around 20 team members who are highly specialized team of web developers and designers. Also, to iThemes, its founder Cory Miller has also started two more brands one of which is a training site known as and recently co-founded, which is a non-profit tech foundation aimed at inspiring and training the next generation of web developers through its kid’s program. They also got popularized due to its cool backup buddy Plugin. Other than this they sell some other plugins some of which are included in the themes

Special Features

iThemes is not a theme marketplace that’s going to impress you with theme designs, but their strength lies mostly in their Builder tools. The style editor tool that a theme offers allows you to modify how your website looks, without the need to edit the code yourself. Through the editor, you can personally customize the fonts, colors, and many other aspects of your website.

iTheme offers builder themes that create page layouts quick and easy. Their builder themes help to make your page layouts without touching any code, and you will be able to create as many web page layouts as you want. The builder gives a little visual wire-frame type picture depicting the layout as you are building it. They have more than 100+ different builder themes. These themes allow you to combine various modules to create your customized website layout. Some of the modules include the header, footer, navigation, and main content areas. You can apply these to different pages like homepage, archive page and many more.

The themes that iThemes offer are developed to enable the non-coders to create their customized web page in a word press website easily. Some of the main features that ithemes offers with this builder theme includes:

•    The layout editor that enables to choose an unlimited number of custom layouts for the pages you’re making for your word press site. You can create a new layout from layout manager screen that, and it also give access to some pre-build layouts covering common page types like homepage, full-width layout, landing pages, etc.

•    The style manager tool helps to do play with the website appearance covering elements like background properties, fonts, heading style, link styles, footer, etc. It also helps to see the live preview of your customization layout as you make them and that’s an amazing feature, since you don’t have to commit to any changes while customizing, until you’re happy with the style manager. This customization feature also helps users in getting trained with CSS, who wish to learn a little about CSS coding. While you use the menu customizations and settings to change the appearance of the layout, it displays the front-end code that also has CSS.

•    The Views feature tool of this builder theme allows you to see where your layout will most suit or should be applied. It helps in case of setting up the view where you just have to choose a view from the drop down list given then select the desired layout to be applied to it which helps to give a consistent look throughout your site.

•    The builder blocks Add-ons that give you an ability to change a theme completely and the best part you don’t have to hard-code into the theme and still can add functionality. Everything is optimally used to add on feature without affecting the website code.

iTheme offers various WordPress plugins one of which is back buddy that helps to backup a WordPress site, create media slider, create an iPhone app or mobile site, add social links and much more things. Some of their other popular plugins are loop buddy, Tipsy, Vibembed. It has a collection of over 180 themes that work alongside child themes and with their unique designs and various functionality of Builder, it helps to customize your website accordingly.  It's an excellent way for any user who is looking for an easy to use tools for building a custom layout pages for their word press website. The best feature is its layout builder that makes it easy to get started.

They offer a toolkit package is worth every penny as it is a must have a resource for every word press developer and the best developer pack. The toolkit has themes, plugins and management tools package all together. iThemes Toolkit members get access to all new themes, plugins, training webinars automatically from their training during their membership year.

The ithemes sync feature helps to manage updates of all the word press websites from one place. It reduced the time as you don’t have to log in to all sites at different times to install or view updates. They allow 10 or fewer sites syncing for free.

Popular Themes & plugins

The most popular plugin is the backup buddy that easily helps to take server backup so if ever a site is crashed you have a backup. The restore function in BackupBuddy is quick and simple. Backup Buddy helps to backup files, themes, scripts, posts, settings, SQL database, various plugins and everything that comes with WordPress database. It supports automatic backing up files and database of your website to your local server as well other locations like Amazon, Dropbox, FTP, Cloud, S3cloud and can email you too.

Another popular product of ithemes is their pro security plugins that take care of your WordPress website safety and protect it from getting hacked. This pro security plugin takes care of user action login, strong password enforcement, two-factor authentication, etc.

Items exchange plugin makes it easy to get your store up and to run quickly by making the process simple. Just install, activate, choose your payment methods and start adding your products. With iThemes Exchange, many features and functionalities are split into add-ons. You only see what your store needs, making it simple to use and manage.They payment made they have given in this is with Stripe and PayPal. Exchange Membership Pro Pack for iThemes includes membership extension or the Stripe extension and gives you the MailChimp integration.

Customer Support

iThemes have an impeccable record of having one of the best quality tech support teams. All support problems and questions are handled through a support forum, where the issues, bugs, questions, etc. are listed according to the different category of themes they provide. That also covers the plugins support. You also have a specific place in the forum just to get various theme suggestions, which helps them to provide the quality and features that you deserve. Mainly they have covered almost all the common questions and queried a user can have in the FAQ section. They don’t provide a phone call facility but offers ticketing support through their ithemes support desk.

Pricing and Package

The site provides three different Toolkit packages termed as Network, agency, and freelance for a one-year membership in which they provide the members full access to all new themes, plugins, and training webinars during their one year. Their Sync Pro and Backup Buddy software are service-oriented products so have some additional annual costs. Their network toolkit membership is for $997 per year that gives 50 sync pro sites, access to updates, support, and downloads for a year and 25 GB backup buddy storage space. This plan is the most expensive and the other two are for $857 and $700. Wherein the freelancer plan gives just 5GB of backup buddy stash storage and 10 sync pro sites, but you can always find coupons, deals, discounts and promo codes for each of their packages with time to time, to get even a more awesome deal on the membership. They don’t have any refund policy but offers 40% off on all membership renewals. Their plugin suite is one of the best ways to get unlimited license for all plugins at very low price of $247

Social links to follow iThemes

Follow them at the following links and blog to get their latest theme updates and various builder tutorials.

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