SpyFu Review | Competitor Keyword Research Tool For AdWords PPC & SEO

by Swathi Kirthyvasan   |  Sep 16, 2018    

Are you running a marketing website and you already have strong competitors? So, you need more traffic for your site to beat your competitor and stand at the top position? As a result, you need effective competitor keyword research tools for AdWords PPC and SEO. 

So, this is the right time to discuss SpyFu.

SpyFu is a leading online platform for essential spying tools and solutions for keyword research for campaigns and content making. With the amazing performance of SpyFu, it has already popular among many campaigners. 

Let's see what more about SpyFoo Keyword research

Yes, SpyFu is detailed and straightforward. You can easily track your competitor's campaigning methods such as keywords.

What Do You Get From SpyFu?

Let me explain to you the benefits you get by using SpyFu. Is it just a keyword search platform?  No. There are plenty of benefits waiting for you. Ultimately, you are going to learn the successive things from your competitor's profitable keywords.

In SEO keywords are the vital factor. The website provides not only essential keywords. But, you can get much more advanced results. If you have more than one successful SEO competitor, you can check the keywords they are using, and you get unlimited downloads from the websites. It provides what the reasons for their success and you can benefit from those ideas.

You can spy the ranking history. And the 'why' question applies here also. You can check why the traffic/down of any particular website based on algorithm change and site optimization. 

Then, as you know backlink is an essential criterion for success. So, you can understand your competitor's backlinks by keywords. As a result, you can get the keywords that you don't use, and you can brilliantly use the backlinks for success.

In other words, spying your competitor is leading to your success. We have mentioned what SpyFu does. And with all your data it can make your success fast. The Keyword grouper tool is perfect for that. If you paste a set of keywords, you get a detailed result from the website including search volume and CPC data. 

When you come to PPC competitor research, you get a rich  AdWords competitor spy tool. You can understand how much clicks they get and how much they pay for keywords. As we discussed before, all kind of features is available for PPC competitor research too. And important to note, The AdWord Advisor is a fantastic tool from SpyFu. When you add your website, you get the details of your competitors and suggest you the best profitable bidding.

Interestingly, there is one more tool that gives you PPC negative match recommendations. That means it gives you the keywords that already used by your competitors and failed. So, you can save from the trap of misleading keywords. There are many more features waiting for you.

You can do all these works with simple steps. You need to type and search. All results will come in detail. Above that, the additional descriptions also appear with a single click. 

SpyFu Pricing

SpyFu Pricing

Firstly, the data is unlimited for any plans. You can choose plans monthly and annually. The basic plan is at  $39 per month. Coming to the professional and team plans  $39 and $299 respectively. If you choose an annual plan the price will be reduced. 

So, without hesitation, get SpyFu membership now.


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