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by Creativebin Team   |  May 15, 2020    

A website theme decides the direction you want your venture to traverse. For instance, a content-heavy theme may include blog portals, FAQs, etc., that inform the visitors about the various services. On the other hand, CTA oriented themes provide a soothing combination of catchy slogans and effective Call-to-Actions. But how do you decide which theme suits your business model? Out of the Sandbox (OOTS) is a one-stop solution to your theme dilemma and much more.

Out of the Sandbox excels in theme-selection and modification and provides you with a hands-on interface to choose a theme for your dream project. It is essentially an Ecommerce software by Shopify. The company has collaborated with Shopify.com and develops premium themes for the Shopify Theme Store. Many popular themes have found their way into businesses and startups over nine years, i.e., 2011, when Out of the Sandbox came into running existence.

Try Before You Buy With OOTS

With a wide variety of multidimensional themes, OOTS gives you the perfect platform to bring your ideas to life. You can select a specific theme that best suits your business protocol and check the layout for complete satisfaction. With a pilot-run of any theme, you understand the various channels that you need for your idea. Out of the Sandbox also has a full refund policy for 14 days from the day of purchase, and it is applicable to their Flex and Turbo themes. So if you don’t like what you purchased, they don’t charge you a penny. Too good to be true, right?

Ecosystem Partners and Services

To enhance the user experience and increase customer-satisfaction, OOTS has partnered with reputed organizations like Ethercycle, ShopCreatify, BlendCommerce, Lucid, and several others. The companies work hand-in-hand with a common goal in their minds –– to serve the customers the best way possible. So, for any theme-alterations or expert suggestions, you don’t have to look anywhere beyond Out of the Box. They got you covered, and once you interact with their experts, you’ll know that your business is in safe hands.

Themes by OOTS –– Genre and Versatility

Theme selection isn’t just about the perfect colours and structural layouts. The best way to select the perfect theme is to deep-dive into your business and understand all the aspects. With OOTS, you get a research-oriented theme selection service, and the rates for the same begin from $180. These belong to the Parallax, Artisan, and Retina theme genre. For more premium themes, Out of the Sandbox offers its superior Turbo and Flex themes that cost your $350 and $450, respectively. You just have to select and pay, OOTS takes care of the rest. 

In a Nutshell

Out of the Sandbox offers the perfect foundation for your website by providing numerous themes that suit your ideology. They offer prompt customer support so that all the issues are resolved in-time and without any hassle for the clients. To build your website from scratch and without any prior knowledge in this domain, you don’t have to look anywhere beyond OOTS. Give their website a visit to know more.


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